STONE AUDIO - Hand Made For You

Yana is the choice for the true connoisseur, a pure pearl among loudspeakers. Yana will bring you the true concert hall atmosphere at your home, whether you enjoy symphony, church or a cappella concert.

This loudspeaker reproduces perfectly both the lowest and highest notes, enabling you to enjoy the full spectrum of music. Because its multifaceted sound image you can “see” the band or vocalist just there in front of you. Yana is well suited for spaces of 30m2 and above. Bass extends really low, all the way down to 20Hz in a listening room.

This is the unforgettable experience. Just close your eyes and let the music overwhelm you – you will decide if you want to take your loved ones or friends with you, or if you want this moment just for yourself – You have a permission to enjoy your life.


Technical specifications
Model Yana
Mode of operation Closed box, 2-way
Frequency response 28-25 000Hz (-6/+3 dB)
Impedance 8 Ω minimum 6,8 ohm@200 Hz
Sensitivity 87 dB/ SLP (2.83V/1m)
Suggested input power 50-300 W
Drivers 220 mm (Seas) bass-middle
25 mm (Seas) tweeter
Crossover frequency 1700 Hz
Connectors Kullatut naparuuvit 2 kpl (WBT).
Enclosure Outer shell: MDF. Inner shell: stone
Outer shell: heat treated birch. Inner shell: stone
Surface finish High gloss lacquere, (heat treated birch)
Front panel: genuine leather, blackHigh gloss white or black (MDF)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 245 × 445 × 360 mm
Weight 35 kg
Pedestal Sold separately

Pedestal – Yana

For the Stone-Audio Yana, there is a pedestal available, sold separately. Finishing is genuine black leather and the pillar holds channels for cabling. This pedestal finalizes the whole loudspeaker-set enabling the Stone-Audio loudspeakers to blend into the rest of the decor.

Technical specifications
Type of the pedestal Type: Yana
Surface finish High gloss black MDF/stone (slate)
Genuine leather, black (pillar)
Fastening Screws, Stone-Audio loudspeakers have holes for fastening
Cabling Internal channels for cabling
Dimensions (WxHxD) 270 x 500 x 390 mm
Weight 18 kg