STONE AUDIO - Hand Made For You

Stone-Audio manufactures and sells high quality loudspeakers. We have a broad experience on electroacoustics, designing both wood & stone loudspeakers and manufacturing, since 1990. Besides our own line-up we deliver customised solutions according customer’s wishes. Our loudspeakers are designed to combine high quality sound, exotic materials, design and craftsmanship.

Stone-Audio products have superior acoustical performance but also are beautifull and fit naturally as a part of your interior.

Our collection include options suitable different interiors and needs. We have perfected the sound and quality in all of our products to assure clear and natural sound.

All of our loudspeakers consist of core made of stone to minimize enclosure resonances. Density and rigidness of stone make our enclosers fully free of resonances and any other unwanted vibrations. Use of genuine and different natural materials is of essence to our company, Stone-Audio always brings forth the most beautiful and best properties.

All our products are handcrafted in Finland. Development, assembly and the final finishing touch are core competence of our company which we are very proud of.


How it all began?