STONE AUDIO - Hand Made For You

When designing and building a beautifully sounding violin, the Stradivari for example, the builder had to take into account all the properties of the materials and the construction of the instrument. The sound is not produced only by the strings but the whole violin resonates just in the right way and in the right frequencies thus producing one-of-a-kind sound.

When building a beautifully “sounding” loudspeaker, the goal is quite the opposite: the enclosure must be as “dead” as possible, it must not resonate and at the same time, it needs to dampen all the possible vibrations. The purpose of a loudspeaker is to reproduce sound, not create it. Thus it is essential that the sound is coming only from the driver, not the enclosure. Cone of the driver makes molecules in the air vibrate and this is what we hear as a sound. Many manufacturers do not fully understand these principles and make their enclosures from cheaper materials, like chipboard or other lightweight material.

This is why Stone-Audio loudspeakers have a heart of stone.