STONE AUDIO - Hand Made For You

Petteri Jalkanen was born in 1968 on Midsummer Day, the time of the year when sun does not set. Families were enjoying of the White Night, nature, singing, dancing and spending time together with their families and friends. Morning dew was sparkling like diamonds on the grass and gentle breeze was waving the leaves of the old birch tree.

Days of the childhood were filled with wonders of life and sounds of the nature, purling creeks, pattering of rain and rumbling of thunder. During those short and freezing winter-days skiing under the Northern Lights was the source of inspiration. All this gave the spark and desire to create something as fascinating, perfect and beautiful.

My interest towards entrepreneneurship and crafting stone started already as a young boy, days went quickly under that old birch tree hammering and selecting different kind of stones. Soon I was learning the skills of crafting loudspeakers by dissambling old machinery and using those parts to create something new. Few of my friends had useful skills to help me, like carpenters, musicians and electroacoustics. During the years I got more skilled in craftsmanship, and finally ideas that once seemed crazy, turned into commercially viable products, loudspeakers that paved the way.

Finally the interest on product development, forms and factors, music and naturally reproduced sound took over. Success in developing new products and new ideas encouraged to go forward: Wooden enclosures turned into stone and other higher quality components. Acoustical properties of stone and the challenges crafting it were fascinating and demanded for a new set of skills and ways to form it.

Loudspeakers were the thing, somehow they just were always part of my life, turning from hobby to a serious daily work and even producing fully customized products. The exotic materials and high quality of craftsmanship generated interest worldwide. The idea of the perfect loudspeaker was born; loudspeaker built using nothing but the best available materials, built with heart and passion.


Stone-Audio – Handmade for You